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We did it! Mt Killimanjaro Descent!

Hey Everyone, this is Derek and I wanted to give you an quick update!

We are headed down right now because we summited early Sunday evening instead of Monday morning. We are almost at Barufu Camp, which is about 15,200 ft and we are heading down to Millennium Camp which is right around 13,000 ft. Everything seems to be going well, we are adjusting to the descent. I’ve been helping Erica and helping her to the top of Mt Killimanjaro was a challenge as it is now helping her down - Its moment to moment and it is quite an interesting task for sure!!

Everything seems to be going well so far, Erica and Tara did a great job and really put forth their best effort to surmount the challenges they both face to tackle this mountain. On our way down now, Erica has a bit of a headache and so does Tara - but hopefully those will be going away as we drop in altitude.

We want to thank our sponsors and we are grateful for any donations - We are doing this for Challenged Athletes Foundation. Thank you All!

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